Data Loggers & Transmitters

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XTension Radio Transmitter
The XTension series of line of sight wireless radio units provide a remote data sensing link for battery powered systems when not feasible to utilize cables.  Designed to be SDI-12 compatible, the XTension radios effectively create a wireless SDI-12 link between the base station and one or more remote sensors. 
  • Up to 9 Radios
  • Simple Mounting
  • 500 Meter Range
GTX-2.0 Satellite Transmitter and Data Logger
The GTX-2.0 is an integrated Satellite Data Transmitter and Data Logger.  Originally designed as a GOES Transmitter, The GTX-2.0 is now capable of operating on a variety of environmental satellite data collection systems (GOES, EUMETSAT, ARGOS, Himawari, & INSAT) in both self-timed and random operation modes.  Logging options are available for up to 250,000 entries or about 6 months, depending on collection options. ...
XPress Integrated Satellite Data Collection Platform
The XPress is a compact environmental data collection platform consisting of the following components:
  • GTX-2.0 Satellite Data Transmitter & Data Logger
  • Satellite Transmit Antenna
  • GPS Antenna 
  • Internal Battery Pack
  • Integrated Solar Panel & Regulator
  • Fully Integrated System
  • Light Weight & Compact
  • Easily Mounted
GOES Portable Transmitter Test Set
The GDTx-TS GOES DCS Transmitter Test Set allows users to perform operational tests and analyses on the signals transmitted from GOES DCP's.  The Microcom GDTx-TS is the commercial version of the NOAA GOES Certification Test used for all DCP certification.  The GDTx-TS measures and calculates a host of analytical information, which is presented in text and graphics. This GOES DCS Transmitter Test Set is used by a variety of manufacturers, NOAA, and USGS. ...

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