GTX-2.0 Satellite Transmitter and Data Logger

The GTX-2.0 is an integrated Satellite Data Transmitter and Data Logger.  Originally designed as a GOES Transmitter, The GTX-2.0 is now capable of operating on a variety of environmental satellite data collection systems (GOES, EUMETSAT, ARGOS, Himawari, & INSAT) in both self-timed and random operation modes.  Logging options are available for up to 250,000 entries or about 6 months, depending on collection options.

  • Low cost - high reliability 

  • Extremely low power sleep mode

  • Simple efficient design

Transmitter Specifications:

RF Power: 

  • 1-5 Watts (GOES/EUMETSAT HDR)
  • 1-10 Watts (Other)
  • Adjustable in 0.1 dB steps


  • 100 BPS BPSK (International)

  • 300 & 1200 BPS 8PSK (GOES)


  • 300 BPS BPSK (MTSAT/Himawari)


  • 4800 BPS BPSK (INSAT)

Frequency Stability: <0.25 PPM

Frequency Resolution: <10 Hz

Frequency Range: 401 to 403 MHz

Phase Stability: <2 Degrees

Display: Navigation Display - Optional

GOES Transmitter 


GTX-2.0 Utility 2.15

GTX-2.0 Utility 2.45

GTX WNRO Update Utility

GTX WNRO Update Procedures

GTX-2.0 Manual


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