Microcom Environmental

Originally just Microcom Design, Microcom has expanded to include a fully-fledged division for all things environmental monitoring.  With a full line of sensors, data collection equipment, data reception equipment, and data presentation software and web design services, Microcom Environmental has the products and people ready to deliver comprehensive solutions for your environmental monitoring needs.

Microcom Environmental, thanks to the help of years of research & development as Microcom Design, provides industry-leading satellite communication equipment – covering GOES, EUMETSAT, INSAT, Himawari, & ARGOS/SCD – allowing us to provide the most reliable of environmental solutions.  As the prime contractor for NOAA GOES DCS Receive System, Microcom has led almost every innovative advancement within the GOES DCS.

We know each application, each budget, and each client is unique.  That’s why we custom tailor every aspect of our systems depending on the parameters laid out by our clients.  Whatever you’re looking for, our system design team will provide a solution tailored to your specific needs.


July 19, 2024
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Humidity: 49%

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Visibility: 10000 meters

With satisfied customers around the world, Microcom Environmental provides turn-key, custom, and fully integrated environmental monitoring solutions.

Our Mission

We have one mission in mind: to provide reliable instrumentation & data collection technology and services for the monitoring of a changing environment to ultimately improve society and protect lives, property, and the environment.

This mission drives the entire Microcom Environmental team to bring a level of innovation and dedication unparalleled in the industry, so that we can continue to provide reliable, cost effective environmental monitoring & data collection solutions for all of our customers.  We understand that the real work done is interpreting the data.  That’s why we provide stress free, easy to use products so that you can spend time with the data and not out in the field troubleshooting your equipment.

Our History

Founded in 1975, Microcom has worked behind the scenes for over 40 years designing and manufacturing line-of-sight radio, satellite communications, data acquisition, and embedded microprocessor equipment that were sold under the brand names of some of the largest companies in their respective industries.

Microcom started its environmental monitoring efforts by designing and developing the Data Acquisition System for the Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellites (GOES) Data Collection System (DCS) at NOAA’s Wallops Island Command and Data Acquisition Station and NOAA Satellite Operations Facility (NSOF).  Microcom continued to develop its product line to offer the industry superior data collection and acquisition technology. Under leadership from hydromet specialists, Microcom began providing environmental monitoring products and solutions for customers around the globe.

Partnerships are critical in delivering & sustaining successful environmental monitoring solutions. Find out more about our work with agencies & other companies through our news updates below.

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What Microcom Design means to the companies we serve...

The team at Microcom Environmental is fantastic. Their engineers are so talented and everyone really cares about what they are doing: from the loading dock to customer service to the front office. The quality of their products is unmatched and their services are highly regarded by both federal and non-federal customers.

Brian Kopp, PhD and President, The Semaphore Group, Inc.

Microcom Environmental has consistently provided me with excellent RF engineering products and solutions that are backed by quality customer service and experienced technical support.   They are always a reliable solution for all of my environmental data collection needs.  Thank you for all of your support!

Yale Eckert, Alion Science & Technology

Microcom Environmental has provided us with incredibly reliable data collection equipment for projects utilizing Himawari, GOES, and EUMETSAT.   

Yuji Hayashi, President and CEO, Oriental Electronics