GOES Portable Transmitter Test Set

The GDTx-TS GOES DCS Transmitter Test Set allows users to perform operational tests and analyses on the signals transmitted from GOES DCP's.  The Microcom GDTx-TS is the commercial version of the NOAA GOES Certification Test used for all DCP certification.  The GDTx-TS measures and calculates a host of analytical information, which is presented in text and graphics. This GOES DCS Transmitter Test Set is used by a variety of manufacturers, NOAA, and USGS.

  • Compatible with all GOES Message Formats
  • 100, 300, & 1200 BPS
  • Operational in the field


  • Operating Modes: GOES 100, 300, & 1200 BPS
  • Message Formats: All GOES Message Formats
  • Power Measurement: <0.25 dB
  • Max Power Input: 25 Watts
  • Min Power Input: -10 dBm to -80 dBm
  • Frequency: Full GOES channel range
  • Frequency Resolution: +/- 0.1 Hz
  • Frequency Accuracy: +/- 1 Hz
  • Frequency Stability: +/1 10 Hz per year uncorrected
  • GPS Input: Time to 100 uS accuracy and +/- 1-millisecond resolution
  • Phase: to +/- 0.01 Degrees
  • Symbol Rate: To +/- 0.0001 Hz (1000 symbol message minimum)


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