Microcom Environmental first began its environmental monitoring efforts within the hydromet industry.  Our first products were designed with hydrologists in mind, and that effort has continued in our current hydrology and hydromet  products and solutions.


Microcom Environmental provides reliable systems and solutions for hydrologic and hydromet monitoring.  Our commitment to our customers is to always provide the most durable, reliable, and cost efficient products and solutions.  And with a knowledgeable support team, we take the hassle out of maintenance.


From snow melt to coastal waters, we have the people and products to provide the most reliable solution for your application.

Microcom Environmental has experience providing hydrology and hydromet solutions to a variety of agencies and companies across many different countries and continents. 


For more information on how Microcom Environmental can provide a reliable solution for your application, call one of our sales engineers at (410) 771-1070.

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With satisfied customers around the world, Microcom Environmental provides turn-key, custom, and fully integrated environmental monitoring solutions. For more information or to speak with a representative, please contact us at the appropriate location.

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