UB6 Antenna

The UB6 Satellite Antenna is designed to be used with GOES, EUMETSAT, & GMS Data Collection Platforms operating from 401 to 403 MHz.  A smaller option compared to the UB8 Antenna, the UB6 comes at a lower price point and a smaller footprint for low-cost data collection platforms. 

  • Compact & Rugged Design
  • Small Footprint
  • Integral Mounting Hardware


Gain: 6 dB

Polarization: RHCP

Center Frequency: 402 Mhz

3 dB Beam Width: 78 Degrees

VSWR: < 1.5:1 at 402 MHz

Frequency: Optimized for 402 MHz Transmission

Radio Axial: < 5dB

Maximum Power: 100 Watts

Weight: 6 Lbs

Size: 12in Back Place x 4in Height x 10in Diameter Cover

Mount: 2 to 3in Pipe Mount

Connector: Type N

Optional: Hydrophobic Coating & Cover Colors



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