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SM-105 Soil Moisture & Temperature Probe
The SM-105 Soil Moisture & Temperature Probe uses an onboard thermistor for temperature and volumetric water content readings.  This SDI-12 sensor is engineered with one main goal in mind: Accuracy.  The small footprint and durability factor of this sensor are impressive to say the least, but the accuracy of the sensor sets it apart from all other soil probes. ...
LWS-101 Leaf Wetness Sensor
The Model LWS-101 Leaf Wetness Sensor is an accurate, easy to use sensor with an extremely low profile.  This sensor is capable of measuring leaf wetness in extreme temperature for any application region.        
  • Detects Leaf Wetness and Ice Formation
  • Leaf Shaped for normal leaf condensation and evaporation
  • Easy to use

Our products provide unparalleled reliability and pinpoint accuracy without sacrificing cost efficiency.