LWS-101 Leaf Wetness Sensor

The Model LWS-101 Leaf Wetness Sensor is an accurate, easy to use sensor with an extremely low profile.  This sensor is capable of measuring leaf wetness in extreme temperature for any application region.      


  • Detects Leaf Wetness and Ice Formation
  • Leaf Shaped for normal leaf condensation and evaporation
  • Easy to use


Operating Temperature: -40 to 60 ˚C

Measurement Speed: 10 milliseconds

Sensor Type: Frequency Domain

Output: 320 – 1000 mV @ 3V Excitation

Power: 2.5 VDC @ 2 mA, to 5 VDC @ 7mA

Cable Length: 5 m standard, custom lengths available

Cable Connector Type: 2.5 mm “stereo” plug or stripped and tinned lead wires (3)

Sensor Dimensions: 11.2 cm x 5.8 cm x 0.75 cm


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