Microcom's DRGS systems with integrated DAMS-NT Server software enables small, medium, and large users to receive Data Collection System (DCS) messages directly from GOES, METEOSAT and MTSAT satellites. The DAMS-NT Server provides complete management of received satellite data from either a desktop DigiTrakIV or a rack-mount DAMS-NT DigiTrak Direct Readout Ground Station (DRGS).

DAMS-NT Server Basic Features:

System Setup:

  • Graphical configuration of DigiTrak demods.
  • Selectable message rate 100, 300, 1200 or Auto 100/300 bps.
  • Complete channel coverage.
  • Dual Pilot Control Module configuration.
  • Single or Dual (redundant) Server operation.


  • Real-time reception status of each DigiTrak.
  • Carrier, symbol synch, and frame sync indicators.
  • Message quality after end of message.
  • Pilot, power supply, and time source health.
  • Graphical presentation of DCS system status.
  • Live channel activity map with transmitted DCP EIRP level over noise floor.
  • Live Pilot level over noise floor.

Data Ingest:

  • Seamless ingest from all DigiTrak demods.
  • Real-time reception, no post-processing latency.
  • Messages can be received with only 0.25-second separation.
  • Message time stamping to the millisecond.

Message Monitoring:

  • Live display of message data.
  • View messages by channel or view all messages received
  • User definable FIFO queue depths allow a quick view of data back in time.
  • View just message information and message quality statistics summary, or ...
  • View all message data and performance parameters; including parity errors and prohibited characters in ASCII and/or HEX.
  • Automatic DCP address error detection and correction.

Data Output:

  • Distribute data via multiple methods.
  • Dump data and quality statistics to files.
  • Real-time message distribution via TCP/IP socket connection per the NOAA DAMS-NT Interface.
  • Real-time message and complete quality statistic distribution via Microcom's proprietary high quality (HIQ) TCP/IP socket connection.


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