DAMS-NT DigiTrak

The Microcom DAMS-NT DigiTrak demodulator chassis enables users to receive Data Collection System (DCS) messages directly from GOES satellites.  Optional configurations will also demodulate METEOSAT and MTSAT satellite signals.  The DigiTrak demodulator is the same modern Digital Signal Processing (DSP) based technology that is used by NOAA at both the primary GOES DCS receive site at the Wallops Command & Data Acquisition (WCDA) station the backup site at NOAA’s Satellite Operation Facility (NSOF).



  • GOES 100 BPS
  • GOES 300 & 1200 BPS, CS1 & CS2


  • 120 VAC, 60 Hz
  • 120 Watts (fully loaded)

Case Size: 9” W X 10.5” H X 15” D

Weight: 25 lbs.  (fully loaded)


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