DAMS-NT Client (DigiRIT)

The Microcom DAMS-NT Client is a highly versatile and configurable software tool that centralizes status monitoring, message ingestion, and data processing for environmental information routed through NOAA’s GOES Data Collection System.  In addition to supporting monitoring of Microcom’s satellite data reception systems, the DAMS-NT Client software enables users to ingest Data Collection Platform (DCP) messages from one or more network interfaces.  Whether the source of the DCP messages is a Direct Readout Ground Station (DRGS), an LRIT/HRIT satellite receiver, the Internet, or any combination of the three, the DAMS-NT Client is a useful tool to consolidate all the major functions required of a DCS data acquisition and monitoring system. 

DAMS-NT Client Basic Features:

  • Supports multiple DCS network protocols:
  • DCS Data Service (DDS):  Internet-based protocol to receive DCS messages from major NOAA and USGS DRGS installations (WCDA, NSOF, EDDN).
  • DAMS-NT DCP:  Common DCS message dissemination protocol supported by most DRGS systems.  Also utilized by Microcom’s LRIT/HRIT receiver with extensions to provide receiver status.
  • DAMS-NT Event:  DRGS system status information protocol supported by most DRGS systems. 
  • DAMS-NT HiQ:  Microcom proprietary DCS message protocol that supports the Hi-Quality message statistics available from a Microcom DAMS-NT DRGS system for better platform performance monitoring.
  • DAMS-NT Stat/Ctrl:  Microcom proprietary protocol to monitor and control a Microcom DAMS-NT DRGS system.


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